1Where can automotive waste be handed over? 2Do you accept automotive waste from residents? 3Do you buy car batteries and what is their purchase price? 4I am a representative of a car service station. How should I handle automotive waste? 5Do you accept waste generated by the activities of production companies? 6What is  ŽALVARIS experience in handling waste of large Lithuanian enterprises? 7I am a representative of a production company, we want to discard production waste. What should we do? 8Do you accept agricultural waste? 9Do you accept slate and asbestos-containing products? 10Do you handle bulky household electronic waste? 11Do you provide a waste removal service? 12Do you collect paper, plastic, glass and provide containers for this waste? 13Where can I discard used batteries and galvanic cells? 14Do you accept end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) and issue a certificate of their disposal?