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Our determination to develop business sustainable is established in ŽALVARIS internal policies. We invite you to read the key provisions of these documents.


ŽALVARIS employees and others are encouraged to report breaches of the policies by e-mail:

Business ethics and respect to human rights are important to us. Upon noticing unethical behavior, violations of their own or other persons' rights, the Company's employees and other interested persons can safely and anonymously report any type of violation by using the anonymous Ethics line.

Reports received shall be investigated and replies to the reporting person shall be drawn up in accordance with the procedures laid down by the legislation and the Company’s internal documentation. We are committed to protect the confidentiality of persons reporting breaches and to take possible measures to ensure that the person reporting the breach does not suffer adverse effects. Ethics line >

Sustainability policy
Quality and environmental policy
Equal opportunity policy
Anti-corruption policy
Code of Conduct and Ethics