Sustainable business Policies Social initiatives

The environment in which we live and do business is important to us. We believe that sustainable interaction between business and society implemented through a range of social activities, creates positive change in the society of which we are a part.

ŽALVARIS encourages and supports environmental and social initiatives that respond in value to areas of impact which are directly linked to our chosen Sustainable Development Goals. We foster long-term partnerships with social partners and support organisations to build and grow the well-being of our country and society.

Employment of convicts
Social initiative

We are convinced that equal opportunities and the inclusion of different groups in society are important elements of a sustainable society. Since 2020, ŽALVARIS has been purposefully running a project on employment of convicts, which aims to integrate socially excluded people into the labour market. Working consistently with the prison, we have employed over 40 people, 6 of whom have been employed by the company since the beginning of this project.

"Holly Trash"
Social-environmental project

The tandem of contemporary generation artists Rolandas Žigonis and Algis Kriščiūnas created 4 exclusive works with images of famous Lithuanian entertainers, decorated with waste found in nature. The idea of the paintings draws attention to pollution and climate change, makes people think and encourages them to change irresponsible consumer behaviour. ŽALVARIS is the patron of this project – we help the paintings and their idea to travel around Lithuania, exhibiting them in traditional and unexpected spaces.

"Mothers' Union"
Charity and Support Foundation

Mothers' Union, a Charity and Support Foundation in Lithuania, cares for children with oncological diseases. We have been supporting the Foundation's activities and their support initiatives since 2019. Our financial support has been used for the implementation of the social initiative Family Home, the organisation of awareness camps for parents who have lost children and other activities of this foundation.

Partnership with A. Juknevičius
Dakar Rally

We have a long-standing partnership with Antanas Juknevičius, a Dakar legend. The Dakar Rally is one of the biggest motorsport events of the year, where automotive waste is an integral part of the sport. The team of Antanas Juknevičius consists of particular flagships in rally environmental protection, and their similar values and approach to environmental protection have led to a decade-long, sustainable partnership.